Brand and website design for entrepreneurs ready to grow beyond Instagram.

Communicate your purpose, create trust and connection with your clients, and draw in your people.

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I help entrepreneurs build credibility online with purpose-filled brand and website design.

A cohesive and thoughtful visual identity [i.e. your branding and website] creates trust and connection with clients, communicates your purpose and personality and draws in the right people who are already aligned with your mission. 

Whether you’re an established business needing a fresh look or you’re launching something new and don’t know where to start, navigating the world of graphic and web design tools and services can be a daunting task.

Hiring a professional designer can help you:

Christen Garland Web Designer Introduction

Hi, I'm Christen.

I am passionate about the environment, aerial arts, and delicious food. I’m at my best when using my skills and knowledge to help others succeed. I thrive on openness and collaboration and care deeply about the quality of my work. You’ll find I am a generally optimistic person and am always looking for ways to improve something.

I focus my attention on small businesses because I am passionate about helping others make their dreams a reality. I love watching new entrepreneurs grow into successful business owners and understand the deep satisfaction of creating something for yourself. How can I help you turn your idea into something tangible?

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